San Pedro Geyser Tatio

Sep 29, 2015 Tue
04:30San Pedro Geyser Tatio
04:59waiting for tour
it was cold...
but I am people of the True North,
In Canada we eat cold for breakfast...
with penguin breast breakfast biscuits...
A one inch thick Polar bear steak Pancake, dressed in Maple Syrup and baby seal powders...
and a glass of orca milk ...
That's a true Canadian breakfast for you
05:13Geyser Tatio Tour
first pickup
05:33collecting tourists
driver drive like Mad Max, not a good sign...
07:24 Geyser Tatio
07:29 Geyser Tatio
07:50 Geyser Tatio
08:01 Geyser Tatio
08:03 Geyser Tatio
08:05 Geyser Tatio Sun Blocking
08:05 Geyser Tatio Misty Morning
08:09 Geyser Tatio
08:14Geyser Tatio
then famous one
08:26 Geyser Tatio
08:35 Geyser Tatio
08:39 Geyser Tatio
08:40 Geyser Tatio
08:43 Geyser Tatio
08:53 Andean gull
08:59 my tour bus
driver Pablo drive like those in Mad Max... Nicholas is the guide... fine fellows... it seems....
agent is flamingo tours
yesterday it was B&M turismo

thought the bus left without me, turn out it was only chasing the other bus for some girls... wrong accusation, the tour seems ok, no need for hot spring, just take photo outside...
09:58machuca village
10:01machuca village
10:03machuca church
10:04machuca church
10:05 Hello Kitty at machuca village church
10:38source of Lama Steaks
11:32Katarpe hotel shared bath
not as nice as the private but good enough...
25000 pesos
11:58bought bus ticket to Arica
oct 1st
semi cama only, cama all sold out...
12:44lunch at Casa Piedra
veggie lasagna 3500
veggie empanada 2500
13:07 Food-Veggie Lasagna at Casa Piedra
13:07 lasagna and empanada at Casa Piedra
size... is beyond my expectation...

Tatio Geyser Brochure

Sep 29, 2015 Tue
13:34Tatio Geyser Brochure
15:55 dog in Turismo Mitampi
more of a tour lottery agency...
can't say good or bad...
16:10Valle de la Luna
16:23valle de la Luna office
entrance 3000
Agent Andes Expeditions
16:37valle de la luna
17:00 Valley of the Moon
17:11 Valle de la Lunar
17:11 Valle de la Lunar
17:46 Tres Maria
17:52 Tres Maria
three Maria
18:15 Great Wall of Valle of the Moon
18:22 Hello Kitty and Valley of the Moon
18:26 Valley of the Moon Desert
18:31 valley of the Moon Sand Dune
19:02 Graphic designer from Santiago
19:03 Valley of the moon dunes
19:08 sunset moon valley
19:09 Coyote viewpoint
19:11 Mirador del Coyote
19:13 Mirador de Kari
19:14 Mirador de Kari view point
19:19 tourists in Mirador de Kari
23:55Hostal Katarpe
Rooms with private bathroom is good
Rooms with shared bathroom... the bathroom is outside so it's very cold to walk outside...
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