Salar de Tara

Sep 30, 2015 Wed
07:45Salar de Tara
08:13Salar de Tara
Unknown tour company
tour guide doesn't speak English, but at least he apologized...
one tourist from Brazil, rest from Chile....
the tour was OK, not too good, not very bad either...
people are friendly...
09:48 Vicunas near Salar de Tara
09:55 Salar de Tara
10:07 Salar de Tara
10:07 Salar de Tara
10:35Flamencos reserve
name of reserve not the place...
10:41 Pakana monks
10:48 Pakana monks
10:49 Pakana monks
10:50 Pakana monks
10:54 The Cathedrals of Salar de Tara
here flamingco reserve?
or the Pakana monks?
next Cathedral rocks, the Salar de Tara
11:48 Finger mountain
11:48 Finger mountain
11:53 The Cathedrals of Salar de Tara
11:56 The Cathedrals of Salar de Tara
11:57 The Cathedrals of Salar de Tara
11:57 Cerror Fingers
hands and cathedral
11:59 Tara de Salar
hands and cathedral
12:01Salar de Tara
12:09 Salar de Tara
12:11 Salar de Tara
12:19 Salar de Tara
12:21 Salar de Tara
12:27 Salar de Tara
12:30 Salar de Tara
12:30 Salar de Tara
12:32 Salar de Tara
12:33 Salar de Tara
12:38 Salar de Tara Flamingos
12:40 Salar de Tara Flamingos
12:40 Salar de Tara Flamingos
13:15 Salar de Tara
13:16 Salar de Tara Panorama
13:17 Salar de Tara Panorama
Salar de Tara
14:27 The cursing finger
14:27 the monk and his girlfriend
14:27 the napping monks
14:38 Monk and monks
14:59 Tara Salt Flats
15:02 Tara Salt Flats
15:15 Tara Salt Flats
17:13dinner at Casa Piedra
return from tour at 4:00pm
booked a tour from TurisTour 24000 for archaeology tour, much more professional than Turismo Mitampi...
again, they open at 5:00pm good business practice...
17:30 FVeggie bocheta at Casa Piedra
6000 pesos looks good...
17:50walking to metroit museum
18:08Museum of Meteoroid
3500 entry
18:28Lodranite Meteorite
3 metroits fusion crust of high temp
chondrite type meteorite - fell in los vientos
meteorite shards - equals to 2 hiroshima
18:33Primitive Chondrites
18:38Siderites - Iron Meteorites
irons formed in the nucleus of metroite
18:40Imilac Pallasite
formed by volcanic basaltic Magma
meteorite of Vaca discovered in 1861
from Vesta...
18:49Morenosite crystalline gardens
in Vaca Muerta Mesosiderite...
18:51Carbonaceous Chondrites
possible of life...
19:11 Archeological museum
23:55Hostal Katarpe
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