archaeology tour

Oct 01, 2015 Thu
08:40archaeology tour
09:12Pukara de Quitor
09:48 Catarpa Valley from Fort Quitor
10:10Aldea de Tulor
The farm
10:45 ruins of desert houses
10:59chanyar tree
wrong spelling? probably wrong...
11:12 honey biscuits
11:54Lunch at Todo Natural
11:58 bread at Todo Natural
12:04 Veggie Taco at Todo Natural
5500ch for taco
2000ch sprite
perfect for light lunch
12:40bike to Catarpe valley
12:55 Bus Station outside San Pedro
13:30 Catarpe Valley lone tree
13:54 Biking in Catarpe Valley
14:08Catarpe valley
14:11 Catarpe Valley View Point
14:13 Catarpe Valley View Point
14:20 Catarpe Valley View Point
14:32 Catarpe Valley Tunnel
14:52 Hello Kitty and lone desert flower
15:02 Layered Rock
15:04 Hello Kitty on the rock
15:05 wilted plant
15:12 clay floor
15:13 clay and valley
15:30 bented stone
15:32 valley exit
15:40 dried caly
16:02 footprints of giants
16:06 hello kitty and the volcanic rocks
17:01 curvy road of Catarpe
17:10 juice stop
I deserve it
orange and pineapple juice
18:05return bike
Latcher expedition
3000 for 6 hrs. bike is good, better than the more expensive one...
19:45Bus to Arica
Crazy guy sit next to me, glad to change seat...
Sit next to a French Tourist
She is heading to La Paz for volunteering job.
23:55Sleep on bus
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