Oct 02, 2015 Fri
06:54bus to Putre
La Polma 4000 pesos leave 7:00am
07:52type of conversation
when two travellers meet, their conversation can divide into 3 types
1) trip inquiry....
2) Personal relationship
3) Social-economical
4) work related....
5) Philo-existentialist
11:49 HTerrace Lodge
11:50tour hunt
11:56 A busy day in Putre
12:03Down-town Putre
the town is rather small...
all agency seems closed for now... the hotels although full, doesn't look like have many tourists...
12:08Lunch at Walisuma
Aymara restaurant, not really good for veggie tourist... just the menu
ordered a veggie lunch some how...
difficult to communicate... and so slow...
wait so long....
19:22Dinner at Kuchu Marka restaurant
veggie something 4500
veggie soup 1500
tea 600
19:33 veggie something
bought water, went home early...
23:55Sleep at Terrace Lodge
Good hotel, good view, good facility, good breakfast, good owners, good hot water...
Would like to stay longer but they only have one night available.
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