Lauca National Park

Oct 03, 2015 Sat
07:40Lauca National Park
08:31wait for breakfast
still not open yet... Chilean time...
08:55Breakfast at Terrace Lodge
good variety, not too much, not too less.
room is good, heating, good view, good hot water, good bathroom. owner couple is friendly.
09:29Tour to Parque Lauca
10:30 Lauca National Park
10:32 Lauca Rock Pile
10:37 Vizcacha (lagidium Viscacia) Eating
10:38 Vizcacha Baby
10:39 Vizcacha (lagidium Viscacia) sleeping
10:40 Vizcacha is dead
10:44 white birds
10:44 mossy plants
10:46 vicunas
10:52 mossy tumor
11:11 Guallatiri Volcano and the desert
11:15 Wide screen Guallatiri Volcano panorama
11:16 Guallatiri Volcano
11:39 bird couple
11:52la Iglesia de Parinacota
11:58 dead horse sign
means many lakes
12:23 Many Lakes
many lakes viewpoint
12:36Laguna Chungarati
12:44active volcano
12:48 Laguna Chungarati
13:05 birds of Lauca
13:10 gull and volcano
13:10 andean gull flying
13:15 Guallatiri Volcano
13:15 Laguna Chungarati and some volcano
13:16 andean gull swimming
13:18 mini suri
13:18 ducks and ducks
13:22 Alpacas drinking and the mountain
13:23 Alpacas drinking and the mountain
13:25 Alpacas and Guallatiri Volcano
13:26 mini suri
13:27 pretty alpaca
13:34 Laguna Chungarati Birds
13:34 dead bird
13:38 Guallatiri Volcano and Hello Kitty
13:38 water and Guallatiri Volcano
13:40 alpaca and tourists
15:49Putre from above
16:27Hostal Cali
25000ch with bathroom
not very nice for the price, but ok for now
16:42siseta time in downtown putre
Putre is a nice little town, but nobody is home.
The problem for solo traveller is it is almost impossible to book any tour...
There are lots of workers, but no tourists... most tourists come here by car, so nobody is booking tour... if you are by yourself, you have to be lucky to hit any tour....

anything interesting has to be reached by car, without car, there's only a short trail to entertain you for an hour or so...
Most tour companies are locked up, most look deserted...

The village setting is quite good, but there's nothing much todo here...day or night....
19:20dinner at muka restaurant again
no luck for tour so far...
disappointed, leaving tomorrow...
taste so so, a bit plaint...
19:38Omelet with potatoes
3500ch for omelet
1200ch for potatoes...
the omelet is rather good, I like the Lilac? added to the egg, it's an Andean veggie special to the area...
23:55sleep Hostal Cali
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