Putre to Arica

Oct 04, 2015 Sun
08:30Putre to Arica
10:19hike to cave painting
10:50 Cave Painting Valley
10:55 Cave Painting Valley near Putre
11:07 Cave Painting Valley near Putre
11:09 Cave Painting Valley near Putre
12:07 Putre Cave Paintings
12:41 Putre Cave Painting Hike
13:54bus to Arica
waiting, so tired running back
14:20bus to Arica
bus on way...
should have picked the right side...
16:34bus approaching Arica
5km more
17:33Hotel Plaza Colon
25000ch per night
breakfast 7:30 to 10 on 5th floor
plaza side is better
the inside is not so quite because of constructions
18:30 arica bike lane
19:00dinner at Telepizza
Sunday is the South Americans fasting day
most restaurants are closed...
I finally found a pizza joint... good price... hope it is good pizza
19:16 Telepizza
personal pizza 3240ch plus drinks
cheapest meal so far
Pizza is so so, good for the price
19:44El morro
23:55Hotel Plaza Colon
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