Oct 05, 2015 Mon
09:28hotel colon breakfast
self serve but good variety
10:56Azapa Valley Museum
yellow collective taxi along southern side of Ibanzi park... cost 1100ch
entrance 2000
good English explanations, better than Spanish
11:02Acha man
11:10oldest mummies
11:17turban from early formative period
11:18ceremonial head
from 500bc to 500ad
11:21wool helmet
11:23duck shaped pottery
500 to 1000ad
11:26Human figure and puma whistle
Tiwanaku 500-1000ad
11:27Child mask on skull
Tiwanaku 500-1000ad
11:31Female fertility figure
and genital shapes for ceremonial purpose
11:38village in the precordillera
Andes foothill
11:42wood and clay figures
11:45Malache necklace
Inca period 1470 to 1532
11:46Inca bow
Inca period 1470 to 1532
of lower quality than before
11:50fisherman mummy
1470 y 1500ad
11:51child in shroud
11:52 baby mummies of Azapa Valley
1100bc Chinchorro period
1532ad after European contact
11:58Aymara coca bag
aymara ritual table
Colonial peroid
12:04Aymara kettle
and clay pots... not too artistic and more pragmatic
aymara marriage suite for man
12:13Aymara circle of life
12:15Aymara Guitar
12:17Sikuri band
12:19Olive oil mill
12:21Olive oil mill
12:27Azapa valley museum
12:28Olive trees
12:34oldest mummy heads
12:36oldest mummies
7000 years old
12:40Pintura undie
12:41Chinchorro fishermen
12:43baby mummies
7000 to 3500 years old
12:46headless baby mummy
Momia de infante, tipo roja
12:48 Momia de infante
tipo negra
12:52 skull of mummy
12:58 oldest mummy in the world
13:07 Old Lady Pot in Azapa Valley Museum
13:58lunch at restaurant
not exactly vegetarian, but close enough....
14:07 FLunch in Arica
15:19El Morro
15:22virgin del carmen
15:25 Arica El Morror Water tanks
15:27 arica panorama
15:37 Armada de Chile
15:40 Ferrocarril de Arica a La Paz
15:42 Arica sea port
15:42 Vulture in Arica
15:43 Vulture and port
15:47 Chilean flag on El Morro
16:10 cannon of Arica
16:10 Machine gun of Arica
16:19 General of El Morro
16:20 Commander and Arica
16:26 cannon and flag
16:28 Christ surrender
16:29 Arica beach from el Morro
16:29 Arica beach side
16:35 Vulture of Arica
16:35 Vulture of Arica
16:41 Seaside of Arica
16:45 Vulture on El Morro
16:48 Vulture and red bus
16:49 Christ and blue sky
16:56 Canon and Christ
17:37El Morro
17:43 Ell Morro Panorama
17:52 Sea gull by seaside
18:05 Yellow cross of El Morro
19:17dinner at Barrabas sea side restaurant
looks fancy from outside but actually pretty dirty inside... don't even have water in toilet
ordered a ravioli 6900pesos plus sprite 1000
19:30 Fbiscuits at Barrabas Restaurant
19:46 FRavioli at Barrabas Restaurant
may not be the cleanest, but certainly look attractive...
taste pretty good too...
20:46San Marcos Church
23:55Hotel Plaza Colon
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