Cerro dragon

Oct 08, 2015 Thu
08:15Cerro dragon
10:43cerro dragon
11:55 Cerro Dragon
11:56 Cerro Dragon
11:58 Cerro Dragon
12:08 Cerro Dragon
12:10 Cerro Dragon
12:13 Cerro Dragon
12:22 Cerro Dragon
12:40 Cerro Dragon
13:27 Writing in Love
13:41Seaside Iquique
13:43 Iquique seaside Casino
13:45 Weird Roman Statues
13:59 Iquique beach
14:24 FItalian Bread in Iquique
14:31 FEsparagus Pizza at Macchiavello Italian Restaurant
15:07 Fried Chicken Fast Food
15:15Seaside Iquique
walking back to hostal along seaside
15:22 Deserted Beach
15:23 Seagulls Herd
15:24 blue Iquique
15:37 Seaside broadwalk
15:41 cactus by the sea
16:32wait for bus
to La Serena, no bus yet, but lots of people...
16:49bus to La Serena
hope it is the right bus...
Tur Bus Premium to La Serena (heading Santiago) 61000
the bus is not very nice, but premium allow full back without blocking the back passenger....
18:04 Iquique desert
23:04bus approaching Antofagasta
23:21bus arrived Antofagasta
whole premium class disappeared... or maybe just relaxing...
23:55Sleep on bus
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