Bus to Valparaiso

Oct 12, 2015 Mon
11:07Bus to Valparaiso
11:27bus to Valparaiso
I thought Tur bus is bad, Ciktur is worse... 18k ticket for cama is too expensive...
bad bus, toilet broken (as I found out later, it wasn't, it was just locked by the staff)...
bus is old, seat are old, dirty, some parts broken.
avoid this company...
even Tur bus is better...
14:31Lunch time on Ciktur bus
bad timing for lunch, why 2:30pm?
the freaking alarm is annoying (set off after the driver drove more than 100km) to annoy the driver, sure;
but it shouldn't set off in the cabin to annoy the customers....
19:57Yellow House Hotel
room is nice...
no view
owner (mom and daughter) is nice and helpful...
20:33 Valparaiso Port
20:42 Valparaiso Night Street
23:55Yellow House Hotel
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