Valparaiso Pablo Neruda

Oct 13, 2015 Tue
10:16Valparaiso Pablo Neruda
10:25Maritime Museum
10:27Museo Maritimo
10:31 Maiden and the gentleman
10:31 Starry Sky
10:35 Cannon and the sky
10:50Armoured frigate Admiral Blanco Encalada
10:56Pistola Navaja
11:05Brigantine Eagle
Chilean independence war
captured by Chilean side from royalists
11:37Santa Maria
11:52 Daytime Valparaiso
11:52 Valparaiso Panorama
11:53 Escalator of Artillary Hill
11:56 Window to Valparaiso Port
12:12 Pablo Neruda or his brother
12:18Chilean navy
12:19Chilean navy
12:55Palacio Baburizza
12:59Palacio Baburizza
13:03 Kiss of Death
13:07 La Juventud
13:18El Juicio
13:27Vista del Volcan Antuco
13:38 Flowers of Museum
13:50Lunch at Delicatessen
5900 whatever veggie lunch
include Pisco sour, juice, salad and some dessert
14:04 FGnocchi Lunch
14:18 Fruit Mousse
14:45 Valparaiso Street Art Two Kings
14:56 Valparaiso Street Art Pink Flowers
14:56 Valparaiso Plants in Cups
14:58 We are not hippies, we are happies
15:11 Valparaiso Street gren plants
15:12 Valparaiso Street Art Rainbow Eyes
15:14 Valparaiso Street Art Old Lady and Heart
15:30 Valparaiso Street Art Blue Tree Boy
15:37 valparaiso park Colorful Columns
15:45 Street art of Eyes
15:48 Hydrant with eyes
15:59 Valparaiso Street Art Green Houses
15:59 Valparaiso Street Art Green Leaves
16:13 Valparaiso Street Art Magic Lady
16:18 Cat at Green House
entry 5000, 100 locker, no photos allowed.... English explanation....
17:22La Sebastiana House
Pablo Neruda, the noble prize poet of Chile
17:31 Young Pablo Neruda
17:38 Green House near Iglesia Carmelias
17:44 Dog and Singer
17:49 Joker at Valparaiso
17:50 Demon and painter
18:08Cathedral of Valparaiso
18:27dinner at chifa
not very good
19:27 Valparaiso Street Art by the beach
19:51 Valparaiso rainy seaside
21:07 Rainy night in Escalator
23:55Yellow House Hotel
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