To Santiago

Oct 15, 2015 Thu
09:10To Santiago
10:45Seaside Walk
10:53 Cerro Artillery
11:10 Valparaiso seaside
11:21 Southern part of Valaparaiso
11:56Navy light house
12:06 Orange Flowers of Valapariso
12:35 Funky Garbage Truck
12:45Bateria Esmeralda
13:14Lunch at Puerto Mil-Nay restaurant
some veggie lunch menu with fries...
13:27Cheese empanada
ok... just OK
13:29 Veggie Lunch
not bad...
14:13to Santiago
14:20 Valparaiso Escalator at Artillary Hill
14:57National congress
15:02Bus to Santiago
2800 3:01pm, perfect timing...
19:46dinner at Nuria Restaurant
ordered at veggie Nuria 4200
and also 1800 beer
ordering take a long time...
not very good... not even in salad standard...
20:26high building
20:55planta baja
close in 5 minutes... maybe tomorrow...
23:55Hotel Riveria
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