Oct 16, 2015 Fri
09:16breakfast at Riveria Hotel
It's OK, not bad, not good.
09:57San Francisco Convent
10:11Costanera Center
10:17Costanera Center
10:32Gran Torre Santiago
entrance at the basement floor of Costanera center (at a corner)
weekdays 5000pesos, fri,sat and holidays 8000 pesos, so come during weekdays if you can
10:51 Santiago from Gran Torre
10:56 Costanera Center Sky Tower
10:59 Second highest building in Santiago
11:04 santiago cerro san cristobal
11:33 Huawei ad of P8 in Santiago
11:33 Tower of Santiago
12:09Lunch at Take a Wok food court
wok super
12:49Mapocho river
12:57 Sculpture park
13:04 Wood Chip Head
13:16 Gran Torre Santiago from sculpture park
free entry, good exhibition...
14:30 butterfly army
14:42 street view
14:58 matchbox of death
15:17 junkyard
15:41 Mura of Metro Santiago in Quinto Park
15:48Museo de ciencia and technology
800 entry, not much for tourists to see...
a bit waste of time for me... good if you have kids...
16:11Edison Phonograph
16:23Museo de la Memoria y los derchos humanos
Human rights history museum
Chilean dictatorship history,
From the Neruda house in Valparaiso to his house in Santiago (will visit tomorrow), the story finally connected
free entry
2000 for English guide, definitely worth it...
close at 6:00pm, 8:00pm in guide book is wrong, no photo 2nd floor or above...
19:13dinner at mall food court again
3500pesos, ran out of soya everything... not so great...
20:00 NH Collection Hotels
20:01 Gran Torre Santiago
20:04 Kissing Sculpture
20:08 Twlight and Tower
20:09 Pyramid and green building
20:24 Telepot building in Santiago
23:55Hotel Riveria
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