carnivore, food

Direction Same location as last photo
Location Nairobi, East Africa, Kenya, Africa
Info F 4.8 1/60 with Canon PowerShot A20
Itinerary . feeling: neutral, slighly upbeat
Country Kenya State East Africa
City Nairobi Weather Sunny
Continent Africa Day to Nairobi
Activity f.carnivore Tour GAP (Great Adventure People)
Feeling neutral Date 2007:10:12 20:54:33
Make Canon Model Canon PowerShot A20
Width 1600 Height 1200
Flash Fired Focal 16.2 mm
Exposure 1/60 F Number 4.8
Metering Multi-segment Compensation 0
Hyperfocal 12.01 m Latitude -1.32933333333333
Longitude 36.8006666666667 Altitude 1714.105225 m
File Size 1107 kB
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