nile crocodile in nairobi snake park - take a swim

Crocodylus Niloticus Baby croc can flow

Hatchlings of Nile crocodiles eat insects and small aquatic invertebrates, and quickly graduate to amphibians, reptiles, and birds. But even as an adult, 70% of a Nile crocodile's diet is fish and other small vertebrates, though adult crocodiles can potentially eat nearly any vertebrate that comes to take a drink at the edge of the water. Adult Nile Crocodiles are known to eat zebras, buffalo, warthogs, hyenas, baboons, antelope like the Wildebeest, giraffe, and other crocodiles.

Location Nairobi, East Africa, Kenya, Africa
Info F 4.5 1/160 with Canon PowerShot A20
Country Kenya State East Africa
City Nairobi Weather Sunny
Near snake park by Yukinori Yamamura Continent Africa
Day Nairobi Day 2 Activity snake park
Date 2007:09:18 09:56:56 Make Canon
Model Canon PowerShot A20 Width 1600
Height 1200 Flash No Flash
Focal 13.4 mm Exposure 1/160
F Number 4.5 Metering Multi-segment
Compensation 0 Hyperfocal 8.82 m
Latitude -1.27483333333333 Longitude 36.8148333333333
Altitude 72.49190521 m File Size 1313 kB
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