chimpanzee of budongo

Chimpanzee, often shortened to chimp, is the common name for the two extant species of apes in the genus Pan. The better known chimpanzee is Pan troglodytes, the Common Chimpanzee, living primarily in West, and Central Africa. Its cousin, the Bonobo or "Pygmy Chimpanzee" as it is known archaically, Pan paniscus, is found in the forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Congo River forms the boundary between the two species. Chimpanzees are members of the Hominidae family, along with gorillas, humans, and orangutans.

Location Murchison Falls, Kampala, East Africa, Uganda, Africa
Info F 8.0 1/80 ISO 400 with Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi
Country Uganda State East Africa
City Murchison Falls, Kampala Weather Sunny
Continent Africa Day To Kampala
Activity Chimp Trekking Tour GAP (Great Adventure People)
Date 2007:09:26 09:24:14 Make Canon
Model Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi Width 2788
Height 2091 Flash Off, Did not fire
Focal 235.0 mm Exposure 1/80
F Number 8.0 ISO 400
White Bal. Auto Program Manual
Compensation 0 Hyperfocal 371.82 m
Latitude 1.90546944444444 Longitude 31.7207
Altitude 85192.82857 m File Size 3.5 MB
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