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Tawny Eagle or Aquila rapax, is a large bird of prey. It is about 62�72 cm in length and has a wingspan of 165�185cm. It belongs to the family Accipitridae and was once considered to be closely related to the migratory Steppe Eagle, Aquila nipalensis, and the two forms have previously been treated as conspecific. They were split based on pronounced differences in morphology and anatomy; molecular analysis indicates that these birds are not even each other's closest relatives.

Direction Fly 556.49 km or 1.11 hrs south east from last photo
Location Mwanza, East Africa, Tanzania, Africa
Info F 5.6 1/1600 ISO 100 with Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi
Itinerary . feeling: neutral, slighly upbeat
Country Tanzania State East Africa
City Mwanza Weather Pretty cloudy, Rain
Near Serengeti Continent Africa
Day Mwanza to Serengeti Activity Serengeti game drive
Tour GAP (Great Adventure People) Feeling neutral
Date 2007:10:02 13:28:06 Make Canon
Model Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi Width 864
Height 648 Flash Off, Did not fire
Focal 300.0 mm Exposure 1/1600
F Number 5.6 ISO 100
White Bal. Auto Program Aperture-priority AE
Compensation 0 Hyperfocal 865.65 m
Latitude -2.17041111111111 Longitude 33.8998472222222
File Size 302 kB
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