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Mine Tour Compnay: Koala Tours Price: 100B About 15% of the fee goes to the miners Include transport to mine, jacket, pants, boots, hardhead and headlamp, mask not included Have to buy some gifts for the miners, didn't feel too safe with a whole van of dynamite gifts. The job of the miners are harsh, I know that without going down there.

Founded in 1546 as a mining town, Potosi soon produced fabulous wealth, becoming one of the largest cities in the Americas and the world with a population exceeding 200,000 people.

avid miners
dinabol - real dynamites
coca leaves
silver mineral from potosi mine
mineral extraction machine
grinding machine
filtering machine
watering machine
crying miner
mount cerro
canadian miner
franeisco toled
Potosi, Potosi Department, Bolivia, South America
Potosi, Potosi Department, Bolivia, South America
Potosi, Potosi Department, Bolivia, South America
old miner
young miner
pulling miners
mineral cart
working miners
green tea ice-cream dynamite
tourist with live dynamite
happy photo with live dynamites
dynamite explosion
my dirty filter

When the second auxiliary army arrived it was received well, and the commander, Manuel Belgrano did much to heal the past wounds inflicted by the tyrannical minded Castelli. When that army was forced to retreat, Belgrano took the calculated decision to blow up the Casa de Moneda. Since the locals refused to evacuate this explosion would have resulted in many casualties, but by then the fuse was already lit. Disaster was averted not by the Argentinians who at that time were fleeing, but by locals who put the fuse out. Two more expeditions from Buenos Aires would seize Potos�. The city of San Luis Potos� in Mexico was named after Potos� in Bolivia. In the United States, the name Potosi was optimistically given to lead-mining towns of Potosi, Wisconsin and Potosi, Missouri, and also to the silver-mining town of Potosi, Nevada.

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