tree of turmoil in kenya

The Tree of Turmoil in Kenya

I am the son of evil. Everywhere I traveled, I spread the seeds of turmoil: Peru 2000, a week after I left, president Alberto Fujimori was overthrown; Middle East 2001, my trip was prelude by the disastrous September 11; Argentina 2002, the country welcomed me with a total financial collapse; 2003 I stayed at home and the world stayed in peace; between 2004 and 2005, I visited India and brought the tsunami to them, killing 229,866 people; 2006 I traveled to Japan and incited the North Korean Nuclear missile crisis; finally 2007 in Kenya, the East African country suddenly broke into complete chaos a month after I left.

Before my visit, Kenya was a cheery and peaceful country in East Africa. And it was democratic, so democratic that it even has talk shows on the radio. People call in to talk about their favorite political parties. There are polls for the election. There are billboards for the smiley candidates. You would notice no difference with any other democratic nations in the world. That was, until I visited the country and spread the seeds of turmoil and everything changed. It was all because of me.

First, the Seed of Turmoil grew into the Branches of Difference:

Everybody thought they were different from the others--and better. Remember the football riots in England and the hockey violence in Canada? People were stupid enough to shed blood simply because they were wearing t-shirts with different colors. Why wouldn?t they fight when there is more ?legitimate difference?, like belonging to different tribes? If you paint two groups of hamsters into two different colors, they are not going to kill each other. But if you paint two groups of human into two different colors, some of them would be very happy to chop each other into pieces. People, unlike hamsters, pay more attention to the difference between them and ignore the sameness. And you think human are smarter than hamsters?

Kisumu, a peaceful city by Lake Victoria. Shortly after I left, a machete-wielding mob setup a checkup point outside the city and chop up people from the rival tribes.

Second, the Branches of difference gave birth to the Flower of Greed:

You find peace in poor countries because they own nothing. You find peace in rich countries because they own everything. It is the country in the limbo of poverty and wealth that is most prone to violence. Because the difference between you and me, I obviously need to own more than you. So the evil of difference cause the evil of greed. What happened in Kenya is the manifestation of greed, not the greed of the people?they have little to greed for, but the greed of the politicians. It is the blood bargain of the top politicians in their game of power. Kind of like the bargain you do when you shop for souvenirs. But instead of bargain back and forth with empty words, the politicians bargain back and forth with the blood and lives of their own people. Brutal, isn?t it? A cat won?t put his own paws into the open mouth of a crocodile to grab a fish. But a politician is willing to put the lives of his people in danger for his own gain. And you think human are smarter than cats?

Finally the Flowers of Greed bare the Fruit of Violence:

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In the long history of mankind, people tried to use violence to resolve problems and never succeeded. But they did it over and over again and expecting different results. Is mankind insane? If you give a laboratory mouse a piece of poisoned cheese, he may try it once, and if he survives, he would never try it again. But if you give a human a taste of violence, he may return again and again, no matter how much he suffers. And you think human are smarter than a laboratory mouse?

The Branches of Difference grew the Flowers of Greed which bare the Fruit of Violence. This is the Tree of Turmoil I have planted in Kenya. You think I am sick? I think the world is sicker than me.

And don't think this Tree of Turmoil only grows in the tropical climate of Kenya. It grows equally well in anywhere else in the world. I wonder who should be my next victim.

P.S. I didn't write this, my evil twin brother did.

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