traffic in india

Traffic in perfect harmony

In a traffic system that's so helplessly overloaded, it takes a true miracle for things to work so perfectly well.

Every men, women, cars, buses, dogs and cows moves in such harmony that there had to be some mystic power behind all these.

In fact, it was well suspected that some kind of traffic goddess used her omnipotent power to prevent such intricate flow of cosmic movement from falling into an entangling mess (like in many western cities)

There are almost no functioning traffic lights; the few that work are utterly ignored. Yet not a single pedestrian was killed (at least I didn't see any)

When a pedestrian walked into the road, he or she creates an invisible energy field where no car, bus nor rickshaw could break through. You could see islands of pedestrians scattered among the busy Indian streets. It was a well known fact that no other foreigner could create such energy field. Any foreigners experimenting with these kinds of stunts were instantly minced into potato purred. That of course was due to the deities being worshipped by the locals and the outsiders are vastly different. It took many years of devote patronizing to summon such protection field.

Not only were the people, the machines were also part of this coordinated cosmic dance. I often seen two vehicles occupied in a single domain of 3 dimensional spaces. I thought my eyes were fooling me, but there was no such trick. Autorickshaw could create a dimensional portal that automatically teleport them to the front of other cars. Such blatant maneuvering could only performed by the Indians who worshipped the Goddess of Traffic.

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