May 6th (Thursday) London to Paris - the journey onward Morning - Tour started at 7:15 am from Royal National Hotel

The White Cliff of Dover is a cliff and it is in Dover but it is in no way white. It's nicely polluted into an enigmatic gray color.

The Ferry crossed the English Channel and landed on Calais.

Then we were on the bus. Then we passed Normandy. Then we were on the bus. Then we were still on the bus. We were on the bus until we reached the Paris camp side. We then set off to the real Paris.

france napolean tomb
france eiffel tower
france eiffel view
france eiffel tower day time
france nortre dame
france arc de triumph
france champs elysees
france louvre
france fontainebleau
france fontainebleau trees
france chateau field
france chateau church
france chateau town
france chateau stay
france pont du gard
france aigues mortes
france cannes
france cell
france st honorat
france cannes film festivals
france perfume factory
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