alaska and yukon

Day Date Drive Morning Afternoon Night Sleep
1 07/15/03 Vancouver to Ft Nelson 10:00 Burnaby Hwy 97 Alaskan Hwy In Car
  Highlights Hudson Loop - Northern Lights Wildlife: Many deer at night, Couple Caribous, One Bear Cross Road
2 07/16/03 Ft Nelson to Whitehorse Alaskan Hwy Watson Lake Whitehorse WestMark
  Highlights Watson Lake - Signs Forest Wildlife: Caribous, Dall Sheep near Stone Mountain, Road Side Bear
3 07/17/03 White Horse to Haines Kluane National Park King Thorn Trail Kluane Lake Camp Camp
  Highlights Kluane - King Thorn Trail Wildlife:Arctic Squirrels on King Thorn
4 07/18/03 Haines to Glenn Hwy Sheep Mountain Drive to Tok Igloo Cabins Cabins
  Highlights Sam's Cabin - Fishing Machine Wildlife: Tons of Mosquitoes
5 07/19/03 Glenn Hwy to Denali Worthington Glacier Hatcher Pass Drive to Denali In Car
  Highlights Glenn - Worthington Glacier Wildlife: moose cross road, mammoth squirrel near Hatcher Mine
6 07/20/03 Denali Park Sledge Dog Show Savage River Laundry Denali Park
  Highlights Denali - Savage River Trail Wildlife:Sledge dogs, male and bathing female moose, Arctic Squirrels
7 07/21/03 Eielson to Sable Mtn Eielson Visitor Center Sable Trail Sable Mountain Wild Camp
  Highlights Dall Sheep on Sable Range Wildlife: Dall sheep, Caribous, Moose, Bear on Bus & Trail� wildlife overload
8 07/22/03 Denali to North Pole Climb Sable Mountain Met Caribou on Trail Drive to North Pole Jolly Acres
  Highlights Climb Sable Mountain Wildlife: Saw some Caribou Horns, Bald eagle and birds
9 07/23/03 North Pole to Dawson City Santa house, Taylo Hwy Top of the world Hwy Dawson City WestMark
  Highlights North Pole - Santa's House Wildlife: Chicken and Ptarmigan
10 07/24/03 Dawson to Eagle Plains Tomb Stone Mountain Hike Eagle Plains Camp
  Highlights Tombstone mtn - bush walk Wildlife: Unknown wildlife when bush walking near Tombstone
11 07/25/03 Arctic Circle to Whitehorse Arctic Circle Klondike Loop Hwy Whitehorse WestMark
  Highlights Arctic Circle Wildlife: Moose racing near dempster exit and girls of Frantic Follies
12 07/26/03 Whitehorse to Watson Lake Grey Mountain Miles Canyon Watson Lake Camp
  Highlights Whitehorse - Grey Mountain Wildlife: Tourists
13 07/27/03 Watson Lake to Smithers Cassir Hwy Bear Glacier Smithers Motel
  Highlights Stewart - Bear Glacier Wildlife: 2 bears on or near Cassir, some moose and one policeman
14 07/28/03 Smithers to Vancouver Yellowhead Hwy Prince George Vancouver Home
  Highlights Dare devil driving Wildlife: Trucks, vans and cars
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