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Rio ? Ilha Fiscal

Nov 14, 2009 Sat
08:15Rio ? Ilha Fiscal
08:45Breakfast at Imperial Hotel
10:29 gloria beach of rio
10:38 getulio vargas
10:43 getulio vargas memorial
10:46 hotel gloria
11:00 cathedral of gloria
11:01 gloria church
11:06 plaza of paris
11:17 soldier memorial
11:18 marching of brazilian guard
11:19 brazilian bg marching
11:21 military mounment in rio
11:22 water cistern
11:28 military museum
11:30 fighter plane statue and military mounment
11:31 a escultural homenageia os integrantes das tres forcas armadas
by Alfredo Ceschiatti
11:33 rio clock tower contax
by Alfredo Ceschiatti
11:35 helicopters in rio
11:35 rio central
11:35 military plaza
11:36 flame holder
11:44 mam - museu de arte moderna
Modern Art Museum
Price: 8R
Open 12pm to 6pm sat and Holidays
no photo
rich collections
11:48 pink fleet of rio
12:55Espazo Cultural da Marinha
Arrive at least half an hour early for the Ilha Fiscal tour
13:04 capoeira
By students from Gigong
13:09 reverted kick
13:11 capoeira kick
13:12 capoeira flip
13:13 capoeira martial art
13:13 capoeira demonstration
13:14 capoeira fighting
13:15 capoeira art
13:15 capoeira students
13:15 capoeira instructors
13:17 capoeira head stand
13:18 capoeira teacher
13:19 capoeira instructors
13:19 capoeira acrobat
13:19 art of capoeira
13:20 capoeira attack
13:20 teaching capoeira
13:20 showing capoeira
13:21 capoeira woman
13:41 spanish ship
13:56 capoeira drum
13:59 capoeira man
14:09Ilha Fiscal Tour
1:00pm, 2:30pm, 4:00pm Thu to Sun
Price: 10R
You need to arrive at least half an hour early (earlier in weekends)
Wait for the gray bus near the entrance 20 minutes before the tour.
14:19 fiscal island
14:19 airplane landing in rio central airport
14:21 ilha fiscal
14:24 gentleman sign
14:28 stained glasses
14:28 republic painting
14:33 coat-of-arms
14:34 coat-of-arms
14:35 the noble room the tower
14:36 noble room arches
14:37 emperor d pedro ii
14:38 ceremony of exchanging flags
14:38 princess isabel stained glass
14:41 amazon region exhibitions
14:46 coat of arm
14:47 noble woman dressing
14:49 stained glass windows
14:54 fairy tale tower
14:55 courtyard flag
14:57 ilha fiscal tour
14:59 entrance gateway
14:59 fiscal palace clock tower
15:36Leaving downtown
15:56 lunch at catete grill
Sounds like a bit more than 20R, better value for people who like meat and sushi.
16:22taxi to airport from Catete
Price: 45R (by bell boy)
Saturday the traffic is OK.
On weekdays, any surface traffic is slow.
16:52Airport Check-in
Luggage weight 18.3KG

Warning: Do not change money in Rio Airport. Those people in the exchange booths are thieves.
18:08 rio cathedral on hill
18:09 rio sunset
18:43Rio Airport
Rio Airport is 28.5 C
It doesn't look like there is air con.
19:17 goodbye rio
20:53Flight delay
TAM is ridiculous. Flight is delayed, the gate number changed randomly from 33 to 31 to 32 and now is 30.... finally settled on 32... Perhaps TAM hopes the confusion will cause the passengers to give up on their flight.

The airport is like a tropical rain forest, 28C, haven't they invented air-con yet? Rio is a nice city, all they need to fix is their transport system, both land and air....

20:54:38 They are giving candies to passengers now, it works, I am less agitated now.

21:51:52 Flight expect to arrive at 10:00pm, according to my GPS.
22:05Sao Paulo
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