government palace, lima

Lima is a very safe city. There are guards with machines gun at every street corner. You have to equip with something better than machine guns if you want to commit crime. Some of the guards are unarmed but those are considered more dangerous. They used to be professional soldiers fighting with terrorists. After the war, they developed some mental instability and would occasionally started random shooting. That's why their weapons was confiscated. A wise thief will avoid those opponents.

Walking on a quiet street at night is also pretty safe, you simply have to have an opened pocket knife ready in your pocket and poke it at anyone that come into your comfort zone. Alternatively, if you see anyone suspicious, just lick on your pocket knife with your tongue like a pervert serial killer, the subject will usually go away. But don't do this in front of the police, they will shoot you.
(some or all of the description above are merely the imagination of nil)

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