According to the Incas, the world is made up of 3 parts: the future, the present and the past; the upper world, the physical world and the under world; the condor, the puma and the serpent.

The Star symbol was found in both Tiahuanaco ruins and the Inca Temples. Strange thing is the two civilization never have any contacts (Tiahuanaco disappeared long before Inca). The steps of the star represent the Inca steps mentioned above (the condor, puma and serpent). Inca Believe life is a cycle (but not really reincarnation).

The Inca, the Tiahuanaco and the Nazca (who drew the Nazca Lines), all those were a big mystery. All because none of them know how to write (some said the Tiahuanaco and Incas did have some kind of cryptic writings but obviously they didn't market it well).

The Inca Empire only last a century, many tribes were before it. First the Chavin, then the Mochica in north west who was famous for its erotic pottery (ok, they do many other pottery too). Mochica was replaced by the Wari from central Peru. And after Wari disintegration, the Chimu who worshipped the moon took over the north west (capital Chan Chan). And the moon was conquered by the sun and there came the Inca empire. And then the sun was conquered by the cross - the Spanish conqueror Pizarro.

Peru Trip:
I joined the GAP tour in Peru. Only 5 people in my group. I prefer small group because large group will contaminate the environment you are trying to observe and thus compromise the reality of the culture.
Duration: 23 days (21 day tour)
Total cost: US$1300 for tour + US$85 for internal flight + US$500 for food and misc

Chronology list:

  • Day 1 (5-26-2000) La Paz, Bolivia (Valley of the moon)
  • Day 2 (5-27-2000) La Paz, morning bus to Puno (wander around market)
  • Day 3 (5-28-2000) Boat to Amantani Island (pass Uros)
  • Day 4 (5-29-2000) Came back from Taquile Island
  • Day 5 (5-30-2000) Bus to Cuzco
  • Day 6 (5-31-2000) Sacred Valley (Pisac and Ollantaytambo)
  • Day 7 (6-1-2000) Inca Trail - Km 82
  • Day 8 (6-2-2000) Inca Trail - Dead Woman Pass
  • Day 9 (6-3-2000) Inca Trail - Trekker's Hotel
  • Day 10 (6-4-2000) Inca Trail - Machu Picchu (and Huayana Picchu)
  • Day 11 (6-5-2000) Horseback riding around Cuzco Ruins
  • Day 12 (6-6-2000) Museum hunting in Cuzco
  • Day 13 (6-7-2000) Flight to Arequipa (Santa Catalina, museum)
  • Day 14 (6-8-2000) Mini Bus to Colca Canyon
  • Day 15 (6-9-2000) Condor Viewing in the morning
  • Day 16 (6-10-2000) Mini bus back to Arequipa (Recoleta)
  • Day 17 (6-11-2000) Wander in the market, night bus to Nazca
  • Day 18 (6-12-2000) Nazca lines, cemetery, Nazca Capital
  • Day 19 (6-13-2000) Bus to Pisco
  • Day 20 (6-14-2000) Sea Lion Colony in Paracas, bus to Lima (End of tour)
  • Day 21 (6-15-2000) Lima - National museum, Gold museum, downtown.
  • Day 22 (6-16-2000) Pachacama by public mini bus.
  • Day 23 (6-17-2000) Lima Museums, night flight back to Vancouver.
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