inca trail

Inca in Quechua came from Inti (sun) and Kha (son). The Inca trail was mostly constructed by the Incas (so as the other thousand miles of ancient highway).
It was believed that Incas couldn't build so many structures and highways in such a short period of time, so alien intervention was suspected.

Trail Information:

  • Total time: 4 days (3 days walking, last day in Machu Picchu)
  • Total distant: 33-40Km
  • Highest point: 4.200km (Dead woman pass)
  • Tour agent: Bigfoot
  • Food quality: a bit too good for camping
  • Cost: US$90-150 (estimation)
  • Equipment: tent, sleeping bag was quite clean, no holes.
  • Tent sharing: 1-2 person / tent
  • Guide: Jose'Luis (he is philosophical, recommended)
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