Cuzco was the capital of Inca. When looked from above, the city looks like the shape of a puma with Sacsayhuman as it's head. This idea was thought out by Pachacutec, one of the greatest emperor of Inca.

plaza de arm at night
the cathedral with last supper
temple of the sun
perfect wall
perfect stone
a window with missing idol
gate with one piece stone
the moon temple
the sun temple
the connection of the stones

Cuzco was the 2nd largest city in Peru, in the 12th century, it was taken over by the Inca. The Inca is like a brilliant programmer. He did smart programming but he left no documentation (because he didn�t know how to write). Then he was fired by his new boss, the Spanish. And now everything is a big mess because no one understand how he did it. But occasionally people admired his work and claimed that he was doing it with the help of the aliens (or the consultants). Which is quite true, because the Incas were virtual people, they do management without physical participation. They hired consultants from Lake Titicaca (probably the descendants of the Tiahuanaco people) and built all those tricky structures and they sub-contract the Chimu people from the west to do the golden toys. They were conquered but not destroyed because no one can destroy anything that was virtual from the beginning.

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