Patagonia doesn't look awfully exciting on photos. Mountains look too small on this tiny computer screen. Giant condors often easily escaped the scope of my camera lens. The raging blizzards and freaky storms are so remote that they can't even move the cursor of this computer mouse. All you can find here are only billion pixels of the once splendid dream.

Rain falls on people who have lost their ways.
Storm attacks people who have travelled too far.
But for people who never travel too far to lose their ways, they will never hear the music of the rain and see the glory of the storms.

For those who want to travel far and don't want to get lost, here's my GPS waypoints for Argentina and Chile (g7toWin format)

Map: (right)
Itinerary: (bottom)

Exchange Rate @ Nov 2002:
3.5 Argentina Peso=US$1
7050 Chilean Peso=US$100

Total Cost:
Flight CDN$1470 + Insurance CDN$80 + ATM WithDraw CDN$365.72 + Cash CDN$1444 = CDN$3360
Hotel Keys:
PB=Private Bathroom
SB=Shared Bathroom


Day Date Week Visit Morning Afternoon Night Transport Hotel Type Rating Price
0 2-Nov Sat Vancouver 7:00am Flight to Buenos 10:04am LAX LAX 12:25p> Flight 21hr LanChile Plane Good
1 3-Nov Sun Buenos Aires 9:45am Arrive EZE 1:20pm Flight to Ushuaia Air Argentino, 4hr Mustapic Hotel, PB OK US$11
2 4-Nov Mon Ushuaia Hunt for Antartica Cruise Beagle Channel Tour Dinner at Volver Small Boat, 4hr, 70p Malvinas Hotel, PB Great US$15
3 5-Nov Tue Ushuaia Climb Glacier Martial 30min/way, 5p Malvinas Hotel, PB Great US$15
4 6-Nov Wed Ushuaia (Nat. Park) Senda Hito XXIV Senda Costera 1hr/way, 15p Malvinas Hotel, PB Great US$15
5 7-Nov Thu Ushuaia (Nat. Park) Bahia Lapataia Yamana/ Prison Museums 1hr/way, 15p Malvinas Hotel, PB Great US$15
6 8-Nov Fri Bus Punta Arenas 6:00am Bus (Tecni-Austral) 6:00pm arrive 12hr, 60p (US$17) Coiron House, SB OK US$11
7 9-Nov Sat Punta Arenas Cemetry, Town center 4:00pm Penguin Colony 8:30pm bus to PN 3hr, US$5 Bernardita BB, PB Great US$12
8 10-Nov Sun Puerto Natales Rent Gears, Supplies 2:30pm JB Bus to TDP Camping Chileno 3hr, US$16 Chileno Camp Cold US$5
9 11-Nov Mon Torres Del Paine Mirador Los Torres (7-12) 1:00pm to Cuernos 8:00am? Los Cuernos Walk Cuernos Camp Cold, wet US$5
10 12-Nov Tue Torres Del Paine Cuernos to camp Italiano French Valley (1-7) Camp Pehoe (7-9) Walk Pehoe Camp OK US$5
11 13-Nov Wed Torres Del Paine Glacier Gray (3.5hr, 10km/way) 6:00pm Boat, Bus PN Walk Bernardita BB, PB Great US$11
12 14-Nov Thu Puerto Natales Return Gears Museum Very Windy Rest Bernardita BB, PB Great US$11
13 15-Nov Fri El Calafate 9:00am Bus Sur to Calafate 3:00am arrive Calafete Book tour to Moreno Bus US$16 Los Lagos Hotel, PB Comfy US$10
14 16-Nov Sat El Calafate 8:30am Moreno Glacier 5:00pm Calafete Tour US$17 Los Lagos Hotel, PB Comfy US$10
15 17-Nov Sun El Chalten 8:00am Bus to El Chalten 11:30am El Chalten Fitz Roy Trail Chalten US$12 Atlas Cumbres BB, PB Superb US$17
16 18-Nov Mon El Chalten Ice Trekking @ Glacier Grande Ice Trek US$31 Atlas Cumbres BB, PB Superb US$17
17 19-Nov Tue El Chalten Fitz Roy @ De Los Tres Madre & Hija Dinner Ruca Mahuida Walk Atlas Cumbres BB, PB Superb US$17
18 20-Nov Wed El Chalten Lake Desierto Fitz Roy Trail 6:00pm Bus Calafate Tour US$10 Los Lagos Hotel, PB Comfy US$10
19 21-Nov Thu Bus Puerto Natales 8:30am Bus to PN 3:00pm PN wait for Navimag Cooper, US$12 Bernardita BB, SB OK US$8
20 22-Nov Fri Navimag Supply shopping 1:00pm Board Navimag Drink Navimag Bunker OK US$210
21 23-Nov Sat Navimag Puerto Edens Golfo de Penas Sleep Seasick Navimag Bunker OK Same
22 24-Nov Sun Navimag Pubs Play cards Bingo Night Navimag Bunker OK Same
23 25-Nov Mon Puerto Montt 9:00am Puerot Montt LanChile to Cancel Trip Trip Abort La Navie Hotel, PB Comfy US$15
24 26-Nov Tue Canceled Heavy Rain Trip Abort Colrus Del Sur Hostel, SB OK US$9
25 27-Nov Wed Canceled Call LanChile 2hr 8:55pm to Santiago Bus 12 hr Santiago Bus Sleeper Bus Good US$30
26 28-Nov Thu Santiago LanChile 5 hr LanChile Downtown Trip Abort Tobita Res, SB OK US$9
27 29-Nov Fri Santiago Metropolitan Downtown 9:50pm Flight Returned LanChile Plane Good
28 30-Nov Sat Vancouver LAX 1:00pm Arrive Vancouver Alaska
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