garmin origin 450-3 geotag photos, gps

450-3 Geotag Photos

Garmin Oregon 450 - Geotag Photos

It was said that when technology became so advance, it becomes indistinguishable from magic.

I am going to show you some magical features of Garmin Oregon 450 GPS.

By the way, most of these features also works in Dakota, Colorado and other version of Garmin Oregon.

  1. Now you may ask how to GeoTag the photos? To do that you would need Garmin Basecamp...
    1. Start Basecamp
    2. Select a track
    3. Right click and select GeoTag Photos.
    4. Choose a folder where your photos are located...
    5. and then select OK. After it is GeoTaged, you will see the photos on your Basecamp maps (and even the maps within your GPS)
    6. Garmin Basecamp will only GeoTag the jpg images, if you want to GeoTag raw images, you would need to buy a software like Robot Geo.

it. Thanks for listening.


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