garmin origin 450-4 auto archive, gps

450-4 Auto Archive Tracks

Garmin Oregon 450 - Auto Archive Tracks

It was said that when technology became so advance, it becomes indistinguishable from magic.

I am going to show you some magical features of Garmin Oregon 450 GPS.

By the way, most of these features also works in Dakota, Colorado and other version of Garmin Oregon.

  1. archive tracks feature
    1. with the newest version of Garmin Oregon 3.3 update, a new track archive feature is added.
    2. You can goto the setup screen and choose auto archive.
    3. It will save your tracks everyday and even after a very long trip, you still retain the tracks to GeoTag your photos.
    4. That feature will also log the tracks when you are using stopwatch. So it is extremely useful when doing personal training.

That's it. Thanks for listening.


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