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Hamster Inkwell
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Theme Site #1
Don't click here!
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Whatever you do, don't click here! The banned always get the most attention.
Theme Site #2
Shakespeare Literature review
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Don't worry, it has nothing to do with Shakespeare...

Theme Site #3
FBI On-Line.
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Strictly forbidden to enter
Site #4
The Jumping Dragon.
A very difficult Net Maze
Site #5
Original classic
A bit boring in today's standard.
Site #6
The secret of the Angel
A simple puzzle
Site #7
Bed time story
Will make you sleep
Site #8
When can we achieve world peace?
Peace or war, the world can only be destroyed by the one who created it? Need Netscape 2.0
Site #9
zz Cat's Homepage
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You must have Netscape 2.0 with Java support.
About the Author
About the author
Don't expect fun or suprises.
Not So Real Stroy Archive
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Stories written by NIL.
Master of Life
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Will be updated later
My Travel Album
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Instead of updating this site, I had done this.
About this site
Long and boring introduction
A long description of this place.
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