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To Mwanza

Oct 01, 2007 Mon
06:16To Mwanza
Have fried eggs
and some fruit
07:25waiting for bus
steam ferry broke down
have toreplace overnight ferry with full day bus ride

08:41Load luggage
bus came
loading luggage
09:05bus to Mwanza
our luggage on top
and it rains
squeezed in the back seat of the van
the rain is heavy, but not as bad as the hail storm in Jinja

11:53rain stops
they seems to building the road as we go, we shall never travel faster than the rate the road was built
14:00journey in squeezed van
14:17lunch with flies
I got a French Fries Omelet, first time in my life
it is quite tasty
16:01truck accident
16:58another car accident
18:01ferry crossing
21:59dinner at La Kairo Hotel
the food is good
the no spicy Indian food I ordered came with extra spice
23:00La Kairo Hotel
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