I overheard the conversation of the Columbian soldier at the temple of Philae: "What I enjoy most are not the great temples or the infallible wonders, they are all nice and impressive, but I like something much simpler, like sitting on a boat watching the river flows´┐Ż"

There're things I have to do and there're things I like to do. I guess I have to visit the Pyramids but what I like most is walking into the desert by myself, climbing an unnamed hill and watching the sun lazily dropping into the horizon.

Day Date Week Place Morning Afternoon Late afternoon /Night Hotel
35 11/3/01 Saturday Sinai Bus Sinai to Dahab Bus to Luxor (4:00pm, 17hr) Bus, 100p, AC
36 11/4/01 Sunday Luxor Bus to Luxor Temple of Karnak (20p) Anglo Hotel (25p, BK, AC, PB, one star, best room)
37 11/5/01 Monday Luxor Tour to Valley of the kings (85p, should be 65p) Train to Aswan (5:00pm, 3 hr, 1st class dirty) Hathor Hotel (30p, BK, AC, PB, one star, good)
38 11/6/01 Tuesday Aswan bus to Abu Simbel (4:00am, 3 hr) Hight Dam, Philae, Elephatine Island Hathor Hotel (30p, BK, AC, PB, one star, good)
39 11/7/01 Wednesday Fluecca Captain Jamecia (60p, 2 nights) stop before kom ombo on Fluecca (a bit cold)
40 11/8/01 Thursday Fluecca kom ombo and camel market on Fluecca (a bit cold)
41 11/9/01 Friday Fluecca bus to Edfu with temple of Horus Luxor temple (20p+10p camera) Anglo Hotel (25p, BK, AC, PB, one star, OK room)
42 11/10/01 Saturday Bus to Oasis bus to Asyut (11:00am, 5 hours, broke down) bus to Dahkla (8:00pm, 5 hours), service taxi to Farafra (4:30am, 3.5 hours) No sleep, 2:00am drop off at Dahkla, sucks
43 11/11/01 Sunday Farafra Art Museum (free) white desert tour (40p) Farafa Hotel (only one, 50p, PB, mosquito net, beautiful but expensive)
44 11/12/01 Monday Bahariyya bus to Bahariyya (11:00am, 3 hrs) last adventure to desert sunset Ahmed Camp (35p, Bk, lunch, dinner, food poor, staff talented)
45 11/13/01 Tuesday Cairo Around Oasis Bus to Cairo (3:00pm, 5 hr) Bus broke down in desert Carlton Hotel (45p, PB, AC, one star, nice)
46 11/14/01 Wednesday Cairo Pyramid (bus 355, 3rd 7 wonders) Pyramid (20p entrance) Climb Pyramid (22p), Light Show (44p) Carlton Hotel (45p, PB, AC, one star, nice)
47 11/15/01 Thursday Alexandra Bus to Alexandra (8:30am, 2.5 hr), Great Library Qalbey (4th 7 wonders) Bus to Cairo (8:00p, 2.5 hr) Carlton Hotel (45p, PB, AC, one star, nice)
48 11/16/01 Friday Cairo Egyptian Museum (20p) Islamic Cairo, Market Nile River Carlton Hotel (45p, PB, AC, one star, nice)
49 11/17/01 Saturday Vancouver Taxi to airport (25p) Cairo to London, British Museum London to Vancouver British Airway, nice food, nice seat, excellent
Exchange Rate Hotel Keys
Turkey US$ 1 = 1.6ML SB=Share bath, PB=Private bath
Syria US$ 1 = 50p BK=Breakfast included
Jordan US$ 1=0.7d AC=Air Con
Egypt US$ 1=4.25p SC=Shower Cold

My body and mind were tired, my legs were going to give up. It was the end of my trip, end of a period of my life.

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