Dawn, wild dogs barked in the background. The barks echoed around the ruins, from directions that could not be identified.

I was afraid to move, but not of getting bitten by the dogs. I was worried: if I took the wrong step, I might send myself to the circle of the wild dogs and brought misfortune to myself that could have been avoided -- So I was afraid of making decisions, not the dogs.

Day Date Week Place Morning Afternoon Late afternoon /Night Hotel
22 10/21/01 Sunday Aleppo breakfast Citadel, Bus to Hama (6:00pm, 2 hr) city tour Egypt Hotel (350p, PB, clean, TV with BBC, nice)
23 10/22/01 Monday Hama/Crusader's Castle Musyaf Krak Des Chevaliers Egypt Hotel (350p, PB, clean, TV with BBC, nice)
24 10/23/01 Tuesday Dead Cities Apamea Dead Cities to Palmyra Al Fara (700p, PB, big room, crook but nice, overpriced, avoid)
25 10/24/01 Wednesday Palmyra Palmyra, Temple of Bel 3 brother's tomb, sunset beodian camp New Afqa (250p, PB, clean, great value, owner honest)
26 10/25/01 Thursday To Damscus Palmyra sun rise, museum bus to Damscus Old City, Market, ice-cream Al Raid (400p, PB, TV, fridge, no flush, dirty, some staff suck)
27 10/26/01 Friday Damscus Old City, Market bus to Amman Amman Palace Hotel (7.5d, PB, dirty, old fan, owner nice)
Exchange Rate Hotel Keys
Turkey US$ 1 = 1.6ML SB=Share bath, PB=Private bath
Syria US$ 1 = 50p BK=Breakfast included
Jordan US$ 1=0.7d AC=Air Con
Egypt US$ 1=4.25p SC=Shower Cold
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