On the top of Umm Biyara, I owned the whole mountain.

I shared the top with the lamentable ghosts of Sela instead of the annoying camel riders and with the one who doesn't sleep nor slumber instead of the one who sell cold drinks.

Day Date Week Place Morning Afternoon Late afternoon /Night Hotel
28 10/27/01 Saturday Amman Jerash (5d) bus to Petra Moon Valley (7d, nice BK, PB, view, closer to ruin, good)
29 10/28/01 Sunday Petra Petra (31d for 3 days) hike monastry, hike tomb to treasury Moon Valley (7d, nice BK, PB, good)
30 10/29/01 Monday Petra hike high place of sacrifice hike umm biyara Petra at night (13d) Moon Valley (7d, nice BK, PB, good)
31 10/30/01 Tuesday Petra tunnel trip city center Moon Valley (7d, nice BK, PB, good)
32 10/31/01 Wednesday Wadi Rum bus to wadi Rum Wadi Rum truck tour desert open air In the desert, under the stars (cold)
33 11/1/01 Thursday Wadi Rum wadi rum hike wadi rum hike desert camp In the desert, inside the camp (warm)
34 11/2/01 Friday Aqaba to Nuweiba fast ferry to Nuweiba (11:00am, 3 hr) Bus to Dahab (4:00pm, AC, 3 hr) Mt Sinai Mt Sinai, no sleep, too cold
Exchange Rate Hotel Keys
Turkey US$ 1 = 1.6ML SB=Share bath, PB=Private bath
Syria US$ 1 = 50p BK=Breakfast included
Jordan US$ 1=0.7d AC=Air Con
Egypt US$ 1=4.25p SC=Shower Cold
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