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To Ushoto

Oct 14, 2007 Sun
03:00To Ushoto
06:08Bus to Ushoto
Fascha bus from Arusha to Ushoto
start at 6:30am for 7 or 8 hours?
The price of the bus ticket is 8000 TZS
I paid a little preimum of 20 000 to buy the ticket from the hotel. I was thinking about some tips for the hotel manager in Arusha Tourist Inn but I guess he got himself paid pretty handsomely already. Not that I think this is unfair in any way. Sometimes it is better for them to obtain their own tips instead of depending on the mercy of the tourists. Even myself doesn't have a good record of giving fair tips.

the driver tried to scam other tourists to pay a luggage fee (small luggage free but not big luggage), but no one bother to scam me, I guess that is the advantage of paying a preium.

06:29:39 waiting for bus to start
it is a bit crammy, but at least the bus is big.
06:32:46 bus leave the bus station
pretty on time
06:41:00 the glasses of the bus rattled, but it doesn't bother me much, (but apparently it bother me enough to note it).
06:55:26 stop by police, the police was holding a speed gun
06:58:09 bus continue
07:37:57 microfiance
I have seen at least 2 microfinance branch
it seems to work well to boost the Tanzanian economic

07:44 mount kilimanjaro
or something that looks like it
08:05 moshi
the bus station is haunted with spirited hawkers
selling bread, watches and odds
08:09:21 bus leaves moshi station ...hmmm not really
it looks like there is some kind of quarrling around
08:15 hawkers
08:19 bread hawker
08:20 chaos in moshi
08:21 bread hawkers
08:55:06 bus is really leaving this time
09:41:46 bus stopped for something at some place
11:55 bus to ushoto
12:52Stop at Mambo
12:56:28 leaving mambo
14:30St Benedict Hostel
The hostel is nice and quiet, simple but comfortable
The young man managing the hostel is friendly
It even have hot water but it takes a little skill to adjust the water to the right temperature
15:03Lunch at Tumani
Oredered ...
a Leet Soup
a deep fried eggplant
15:15 egg plant lunch at tumani hotel
15:34:41 finished lunch
the food is good and reasonably priced
16:33st benedict hostel
16:35 st benedict hostel resthouse
16:48purple flower tree
16:57national microbank
have to delete the pic
a guard jump out from nowhere and said I couldn't take picture of the bank.
it was so strange.
I just wanted a record of the Micro Finance, but guess no, no photo
17:16 blue painted windows
17:41 ushoto
17:54 purple carpet
17:54 ushoto
18:11 village sunset
18:22 tomato and bananna
19:00St Benedict Hostel
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