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African Travel Itinerary


Oct 15, 2007 Mon
09:26st benedict hostel church
it was built by German
09:28 purple flowers
09:29 red flowers
10:16 usambara two horns camellian
on coffee tree
10:53 local viagra
pepper capricious
smell like pepper
11:31 peace plant
also grow in graveyard
spread by shit of hornbill
good for beer
when family quarral, they shared the brew and make peace
11:41fire tower
11:44red spider
11:44 red spider with horn
11:44red spider with horn
11:45 red spider with horns
11:45 red spider with horns
from Australia
peeling skinsthemselves
11:47 eucalyptus
from Australia
peeling skinsthemselves
11:57 vineplant
creep growing together
12:03east african caanpha
use as spice
12:04 ugly grow
rare bird
12:07fly catcher
12:08 usambara green booboo
for woman childbirth
resist to insect
12:10 fern tree
brought by queen of england
from royal botanical garden
12:14 busylizid
for removing mosquitoes
12:15 agretam
for removing mosquitoes
12:17 wide egg plant
use as antibiotics
12:17 spiked leave plant
use as antibiotics
12:31 university of tumani
owned by Luthern Church
tumani means hope
12:56 picnic lunch at usambara
13:33 african talip tree
13:34 tanzania flag
13:35 old jeep
13:35 old blue truck
13:41 hollow tree
13:41 fallen tree
they keep it surprisingly clean with limited resources
16:06usambal convent
16:07 brick house
16:09 belfry
16:18star tree
each layer means a year old
16:22 public church
father Leo is a friendly and knowledgable person
I talked with him for almost 3 hours about the situation in tanzania
Father Joseph
19:00Convent resthouse
Clean and simple
Food is good
No electricity after 7:00pm
No water most of the day.
But nice and comfy nevertheless
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