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Horombo to Moshi

Oct 25, 2007 Thu
03:00Horombo to Moshi
06:32 camp above the world
06:33 fallen chairs
06:33 seat with a view
06:35 cleaning up camps
07:05group photo
Tips, I paid 11% of total, a slighly discounted tip after a slight rip off and a minor extortion.
07:15walk to Mandara
08:21 clouds on top of the world
08:51 boltair kilimanjarita or something
09:19 barren tree
09:39maunde? crater
09:54colobus monkey
09:55 colombus monkey in kilimanjaro
09:58 nuxia congesta trees
09:59 nuxia congesta trees
10:00 flowers of congesta tree
10:05 purple flowers
10:50higherer but thinner lobella
10:51 olea africana tree
10:53 impassion psadvoila
10:55 pink flowers
11:09 begonia meyer johanes
smell like perfume
kind of like parasites
11:10 white flower
11:53walk to exit
12:49 finishing kilimanjaro trail
Kilimanjaro altitude 5895
12:50 hans meyer
12:50 warning signs
12:59wait for transfer
12:59transfer to Moshi
14:14golden view hotel
14:15bug from Kilimanjaro
21:00Golden View Hotel
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