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To Santa Cruz

Oct 26, 2009 Mon
08:00To Santa Cruz
08:50Breakfast at Andorina
09:30El Fuerte
Taxi: 70B return
Wait 2 hours
09:32 beetle
10:26Mirador 0.5
Mirador=View point
10:26 mirador 0.5
10:30Mirador 1
Mirador=View point
10:32 el fuerte de samaipata
10:35Mirador 2
10:36Launch Ramp
10:36 serpent carving
10:38coiled serpent
or is it puma?
10:39 puma marking
10:41Altar of Jaguars
10:47Mark of Puma
10:51Spirit Seat
10:51Priest Quarters
10:54 temple de la sacristia
10:55 temple de la sacristia
10:56 water cistern
10:57Terrazas de Cultivos
10:58 fountain
11:01 casa espanola
11:04 casa espanola
11:05 el fuerte housing
11:08Conjunto Habitacional
11:10 walled dwellings
Administrative area
11:34Administrative area
11:36 estructuras arquitectionica
11:39 fresh pawn fruit
11:42 chinkana
Treasure hole is 36m deep.
11:55New Habitation
11:58 casas de vigilancia
12:00Templo de las cinco Hornacinas
12:01 el fuerte water duct
12:01 steppes
12:02 caved window
12:02 caved doorways
13:00 cat and me
Price: 100B
As usual the taxi driver is an experienced suicidal manic. But it makes a huge difference between a experienced suicidal manic and a green suicidal manic. The trip to Santa Cruz almost seem too short.
16:59Hotel Viru Viru
Price: 213b
Not much better than the 120b quality. It has air-con, TV, fridge and of course private bathroom. Breakfast is also included.
17:10 hotel viru viru
17:22AeroSur Flight from Santa Cruz to Puerto Suarez (Quijarro)
There is flight to Puerto Suarez on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Price: 500B (The AeroSur girl in Sucre quoted me 832B)
AeroSur has an office on the Eastern side of the plaza, Lonely Planet brought me to the very far south (1km south of the plaza) to buy ticket. The location of TAM in Lonely Planet is also wrong.

The ticket for Train to Quijarro (Ferrobus) was full (I tried to buy ticket one day in advance around 4:30pm). The regional train for Wednesday is available, not sure about the tourist train.
19:30Dinner at Lorco
19:31 salad at lorco santa cruz
Salad for 27B
South east side of the plaza
Ordered a Lorco Salad for 27B.... it is nothing special
Vegetarian who don't like salad should definitely avoid this place....
Also ordered a Romeo and Julio Crepe... for 15B and a sprite
Service is prompt and professional
20:00Wander in city.
20:03 basilica menor de san lorenzo
or the Brasilia
20:08 violin artists
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