the sacrificial room, day 4 - machu picchu

Inca practiced human sacrifice (not just human but animals too). They picked the most beautiful girl among the noble families and chose them as the virgin of the sun (whose lifetime career was to be a human sacrifice). When they were around 12 to 13, they would be brought to the high mountains or local temples and was fed with coca leaves and then ...

Reasoning of the idea: The Incas believed that life originated from Pacha Mama, the mother earth. That's quite true, according the Christian's belief, men and women were made of earth. Even scientifically, life was formed because of some in-organic materials (e.g. soil) interacting with lightening. It made sense to them that if we take from mother earth, we would need to return something back to mother earth. That's why some human sacrificed or mummies (naturally dead) was wrapped in a fetus position (you go back to the same way you came from).

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